I'm a multidisciplinary designer and self taught photographer. Please chat with me about...
🛠 DIYing, thrift flipping and antique shop finds
One of my favorite things to do is finding furniture, clothing and knick knacks that has had a life already and turning them into something really cool. I love seeing  potential in things that others might not.
🛼 Roller skating
This is a relatively new hobby of mine so don't ask me how to do the coolest tricks - I only know how to do them in theory (however I am working on nailing them all!) But I have become obsessed being on wheels and it's become my favourite way of moving.
🎶 Curating the soundtrack of my life
In my head, my life is a movie, and this movie has a soundtrack. Lately I've been in the act of the film that's accompanied by anything that's remotely indie-pop-sounding.
🛋 All things interior design
I love everything interior design related, from history to prop styling, and I have very strong opinions on both interiors and architecture.
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