About me

My name is Elin and I am an interdisciplinary designer and photographer who enjoys a good conversation as much as I love travelling to remote, beautiful places. I’m thinking Iceland next.

I started my creative journey as a wedding photographer. While doing so, I became specialized in natural light photography, image retouching/manipulation and social media marketing. I wanted to broaden my creative knowledge, and after two year at Yrgo Digital Designer, I’ve acquired a lot of skills in several areas of graphic and digital design. The backside of this is that I now struggle not to point out things like “oh that’s Cooper on that sign over there” to my not very design-interested fiancĂ©, who then pretends to know what I mean, smiles and nods.

During my free time I love a good videogame, reading novels, illustrating, heading out in nature with my camera and hanging out with my dog (as seen in the picture, isn’t she ok looking?)