Eease communication

Moodwatch is an app + smartwatch designed to aid communication between children with autism and their caregivers. The smartwatch is meant to be worn by the child and connected to the app, in which the caregiver can transcribe the results. The Moodwatch analyzes data given from pulse, body temperature and voice pitch. By sending this to the caregivers’ phone it helps the caregiver, whether it be a parent, medical professional or teacher, to understand the needs of the child.

The Main view

 This is the view that will be used the most.  The watch view is simplified while the app view is a bit more informative. In the app the care giver is able to describe the current situation. This input is saved in the Mood Log.

Mood log

The Mood Log is meant to ease discovery of patterns in the child’s moods over time. The hope is that the care givers will learn about the child’s triggers and therefore be able to give the child better help whenever the triggering event occurs.

The profile page

The profile page should make it easier for any new caregivers to get to know a few key things about the user.