Oterlu AI

Branding & Web page

Oterlu AI is a startup company that develops an advanced AI solution to prevent harassment in pc games. They needed a visual identity and a completely new website that would promote and sell their product as well as making it possible for companies to buy a product license. Having played a lot of pc games in my days, this project was interesting to me both on a professional and a personal level.

The design process

In order to cater to both game developer companies, their marketing team, CEO:s and users alike, the site had to look both trustworthy and approachable. We settled on blues to achieve trustworthyness. We kerned the corners of their already existing logo and added an orange accent color to achieve the friendlyness we wanted. Using round and wavy shapes on the site also helped with this. We found that this combination also gave the site a tech savvy feel to it.

Web page

Final thoughts

This project was the first major one I ever did for an real client, so it was a big milestone for me. During this project I learned a lot about how to bring value to a real business. It’s not just about a cool design, it’s also about handling client meetings and deadlines well. I wanted the client to love it, and that taught me to work under pressure. This project made me grow a lot as a designer and it’s made me look forward to doing more projects of this type!