Redesign: Pop Botique Ecommerce
Project type
Web design
Pop Botique is a vintage store that carries their own line of vintage inspired apparel as well as resell authentic vintage clothing. This school project promted us to redesign an already existing ecommerce, and I chose Pop Botique because it interested me to see if I could convey the feelings and messages that their physical store gave me whenever I walked in - cozy, creative, inspiring, unique and curated.
My goal was to make their ecommerce feel like a curated botique by modernizing the site while still attempting to keep the retro feel that the brand conveys by using colors that match the mood. I wanted the redesign to have zero flash sale popups, to make it feel more exclusive and less stress inducing - much like the physical store.
The project was made with Sketch + Invision and later presented in video format. I used After effects as well as Procreate for the illustrations.

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